A Tribal Affair in Rajasthan

Living in India ,one place I cannot get enough of is Rajasthan. Every oppurtunity I get to travel I head there assured it will be yet another memorable trip alongwith tons of shopping to indulge in 🙂 ranging from clothes,bags, shoes, jewellery, home decore and what not

I travelled to Jodhpur city recently in Rajasthan. A city I had been to before and maybe that was the reason I wanted to visit it again. To many all the cities in  Rajasthan seem similar but only of you look deeper would you understand that every city has it’s own unqiueness. I find Jaipur to be very different from Jodhpur and Jaisalmer (the desert city) very different from Jodhpur. Jaipur is more modern and commerical while Jodhpur is still conservative & traditional whereas Jaisalmer has that rustic feel to it. I can go on with it but the this post is about the ethnic silver tribal jewellery  I finally managed to lay my hands in Jodhpur

Ethnic Silver Tribal Jewellery- Silver Earrings and Bracelets
Neck pieces in various traditional tribal Rajasthani designs
The Fortman as I called him. He has a small shop in Mehrangarh fort selling silk scrafs. He claims to design and make each one of them himself. He was quite an entertainer himself  speaking English and French with eloquence. I was impressed with his collection of jewellery. He recommeded the shop where I bought my earrings and pendant from. From his shop  I bought a multi-coloured hand painted silk scarf for Rs.1000
It was immpossible to miss his love for jewellery as he was dipped in it. Loved his rockstar rings and anklet. What I adore about Rajasthan is the fact that dressing up is not restricted to women alone. Men are equally into it with colourful turbans, shoes (jutties) and jewellery which is a must in some form or the other. Could  be a earring, bracelet or anklet.Its a celebration all throughout 
Jewellery from the shop the fortman sent me to
Silver earrings and Pendants-Rs.2500
I picked them for their ethnic designs. The  jeweller shared that this earring design is common with the tribes in Jaisalmer.The pendant design in silver and coloured stone is very similar to the jewellery my mum got for her wedding which was like almost 50 years ago! Both the pieces can be styled well with traditional and contemporary outfits
Jewellery from Mehrangarh Fort museum -Rs 1500 and the silk scarf

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