Dessert Rainbow on a Budget: Maxi Dress

Often times I get bored of shopping at the malls. Reason-It’s almost the same stuff week on week. Street shopping for me is an indulgence:)) ..yes it is! The feel is just so different.Rummaging through for that one perfect piece at a bargain price is a dream coming true over an over again (minus the heat. but then that’s what we call hard work:))..) 

So I worked hard this summer holiday season. Hunted for a maxi dress to be worn for a trip with friends. Come-on now let’s admit no matter how many you own ,everytime you go on a vacation you want  ” just that one last dress” Right?

Summer maxi dresses

maxi long dresses for summers in all colors
The 70’s maxi dress is back with a bang after a long hiatus. Much to my liking it is a wonderful alternative to just wearing shorts or skirts in summers. They can be worn in so many different ways. 
maxi long dresses for summers in all colors

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For the edgy look-team up with a jacket, ankle length shoes and some punk jewellery. For a softer look- accessories with long beaded  neckpieces in bright/neutral colors or a statement earring and a finger-ring. The best part it literally fits all sizes.  


Go for the one that fits you as the trend is here to stay for a while

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