Sea and Pearls

Summer Evening Look 

You can beat the heat with a strong pastel dose, isn’t it? But not just the day look , it works well for the party look too. You just have to what look do you want. At a recent party I opted for a pastel shade for the evening. Worked well for me! The choice of fabric too makes a difference( knowing your body type is a MUST here). I went with chiffon.

Anita Dongre dresses india

Then you need to  balance the look-not keeping it too gaudy nor too subtle and boring. As my dress was plain it had to be brighten up with one statement accessory. (ONE, not two , not three-remember it’s about balancing not hoarding). 

I wore this neckpiece in pearl, that did it’s job well and  kept  it simple with earrings. Make up and hair-do added to the look by keeping the make up neutral.(it was done in 15 mins!). The coral color lipstick in contrast to the dress color gave a touch of sheen.

I chose French roll for hair do as it was perfect for the soft look I wanted ( I have short hair, a big thank you to my stylist. he did a fab job) and it also brought focus to the neckpiece. Depending on the occasion one can add hair accessories too but have to be sure of not over doing it with glittery oversized flora and fauna in gold and sliver color 🙂 

Anita Dongre dresses india
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