Bohemian Look with a Maxi Skirt

Maxi Skirt

I happened to buy a grey silk tube dress a few months a ago from Sisley I couldn’t resist it’s color and print.Grey is one of my favorite colors when in comes to dressing and in the winters it is “the” color for me.

This silk dress that I got is a cute little thing, but I knew I was not going to wear it as it is supposed to be worn. I bought it to be worn as an ankle length maxi skirt, which gives a  gathered look and is lightly fitted around the waist.

The maxi skirt has hardly ever been out of fashion. It has always made a comeback quietly.  If you are looking to get the oh -so trendy Bohemian look , Go Maxi. I mean get a maxi skirt.

Skirt: Sisley
Spaghetti Top: Only
Flats: Clarks
SlingBag: Singapore
Neckpiece: Lifestyle

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