L’Oreal Paris Collection Exclusive by Color Riche

L’Oreal Paris Collection Star Pure Red  -Are they worth it?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I know most of you would be looking for some ideas and inspiration for the perfect look with which you want to leave a lasting impression on everyone,isn’t it? Red is the colour of love and this year L’Oreal Paris launched their Collection Exclusive by Color Riche with 7 shades of matte red!
Loreal Paris Star collection pure red shades
I normally don’t do product reviews as one has to be really careful with the information being shared with the readers as they would consider it before making a choice or decision.I agreed for L’Oreal purely because of it’s Brand value and wanted to see “is it really worth it”? as Mrs.Bachchan Jr. proclaims in the advertisements.

Loreal Paris Star collection pure red shades

The new collection in red comes in a pack of 7 shades. Honestly, earlier I thought they was only a shade or two in variance of this colour. Finding the right shade of red lipstick for oneself can be a real daunting task and I am sure we have all faced it or are still dealing with it.

Red is a colour which can look very bright and the fear of it overbearing the entire look can be scary. That’s why people are wary of wearing it but then the desire to posses the right shade doesn’t fade away either

Loreal Paris Star collection red 7 shades
The 7 shades by L’Oreal in matte red are called:
Pure Rouge by Freida-Dark Red cherry shade that will sure look striking and glamorous to make you standout
Pure Brick by Aishwarya-Bright warm brown-red shade.Will go well with traditional wear such as suits and sarees 
Pure Garnet by Sonam– Very close to the wine color/oxyblood shade. If you have seen a garnet you will know how close is it to the original color
Pure Scarleto by Blake-Purest red shade in the collection. This is ruby red in matte. Can easily be worn everyday and also be worn for evening parties too  
Pure Amaranthe by Gong Li– More towards fuchsia pink with a very dramatic effect, has an undertone of red
Pure Fire by Li BingBing-As the name suggests it is a fire or ombre orange colour . Apt for summers with pastel colour dresses. It is a softer shade.
Pure Vermeil By Fan BingBing – Bright Red shade with an undertone of coral pink
Loreal Paris Star collection red shades
The Experience 

Coming to the actual usage now. I religiously tried all of them one by one to various occasions. I started with office first. Wore Pure Scarelto and Amanthe ,both pretty striking shades to wear to work. Being winters in Delhi I could safely use the bright colours during daytime. 
Successful as I was with this attempt I got queries and compliments both. It was a change for me as I don’t wear dark lipsticks to work. Normally it is the standard light berry brown or a rosy pink shade that I pick which anyways wears it self out after 1-2 hours. Trust me nothing stays beyond that and lip balms don’t even last that long
These lipsticks actually stayed for 4-5  hours and I had to retouch it only once ,it was more of a dabbing than a full retouch. It stayed strong after that with eating and drinking. So much so that I woke up with nice light pink/red lips the next morning. For a change I was happy to see myself in the mirror right after bed..:))
Loreal Paris Pure Scarleto by Blake Lively Star collection red       Loreal Paris Pure Scarleto by Blake Lively Star collection red
Lipstick Application 
Gives full Coverage in one go
Has a rich velvet finish
Moisture Matte ,does not flake or feel dry after application
Lasts 4-5 hours without a retouch
When retouching a dab would be enough to last your through the evening or night
Pricing: Rs.995 for 4.2 g
Availability: Major retail and online stores like Nykaa ,Flipkart to name a few
Now with so many shades available, I had the choice to pick any according to my mood and yes the occasion too. I have put together three different looks -Work, Party and Traditional wear for you all.
Here, I chose three different shades of Loreal reds -Blake, Sonam and Freida. I find it easier to remember the shades by these names:)
Loreal Paris Star collection red 2015

These pictures are from the first day I wore the lipstick to my office. Teamed up with a leopard print sweater, black  pencil skirt from Van Heusen, high heeled knee length boots from Heels and my laptop bag

With muted shades I thought Pure Scarleto by Blake would brighten up the look and I think it worked. It was a risk I took. But the feedback I got assured me, that the shade looked bold but not overdone for daytime

Loreal Paris Pure Scarleto by Blake Lively Star collection red

Loreal Paris Pure Scarleto by Blake Lively Star collection red

Loreal Paris Pure Scarleto by Blake Lively Star collection red

Traditional Wear
Incidentally had a marriage in my family last week, so had all the opportunity to test a new shade. I am not into traditional wear as I think you really need to have great poise and be very graceful to carry it. Well, here I had no option so opted for a pink suit from W, paired with jewellery from Aquamarine Mumbai and heels from Shoetree

Here I picked Pure Rouge by Freida to give a little contrast as the suit and jewellery were both in pink

                   Loreal Paris Pure Rouge by Freida Pinto Star collection red


        Loreal Paris Star collection red 2015

Party Wear
Had a friend’s birthday party at a club on the weekend. I wore a black shimmery peplum top with leather pants from Vero Moda for the evening, black heels from TSG and silver jewellery from my Rajasthan collection. 

As it was evening wear and I was looking for something bold to go with it I chose Pure Garnet by Sonam. The shade coordinated well with my outfit as I wanted something striking but not the standard and predictable red with black

                    Loreal Paris Pure Garnet by Sonam Kapoor Star collection red

                        Loreal Paris Pure Garnet by Sonam Kapoor Star collection red

                     Loreal Paris Pure Garnet by Sonam Kapoor Star collection

The product lives up to it’s brand reputation and can be bought if you are looking for a striking red or shades near to it to get a dazzling effect. You don’t have to worry about the rest of the make up if you have this on
Yes, it is a little towards the expensive side but I think with the kind of results it gives, you will not end up using it up all that quickly ,so the pricing is fine. It is  not overtly expensive
L’oreal here has given enough shades to suit every skin complexion so I think it shall work for everyone and across ages. My mom too wore Pure Garnet by Sonam and it suited her perfectly


It’s a thumbs up from my side. Go try and see for yourself
Loreal red lipsticks

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