India Fashion Interface 2016

So the ship has sailed!

You have been blogging long enough now to  attend the most coveted fashion shows & store launches in the town, hobnobbing with the who’s -who of the high society and working with well-known brands. You spend hours researching on the web if not days, ideating, hunting for good locations for your photo-shoots, spend money  on  (or at times beg-borrow-steal) expensive make up products to look your best, and if you are the very serious kinds you hire a professional photographer or invest in the latest technology to give the best to your business partners and audience.

Wait, did I say business partners? Well, yes atleast that is what us bloggers would like to believe, isn’t it? But then is it ever business in it’s true sense? Aren’t we tired of barter exchanges which is freebies or 2 vouchers in lieu of all the editorial + styling+ photography + researching + social media amplification work that we single-handedly do for every post on our blog. At times the offer reads “we will give you credits but no backlinks”!!! Doesn’t sound like a business deal, right?

Cherry on the cake-you read Bryanboy earns as much as a Hollywood star, Chiara Ferragni raked in millions with her glittery winking shoes and you go what the ….!! and the sinking  feeling that accompanies which also announces to you -you are doomed

Well, that’s one side of the story, brands approaching bloggers may have a very different perspective other than the” limited budget” part. Their focus could be numbers which means reach with the audience, active engagement, quality & body of work and a basic understanding of marketing in general.Today no brand can deny the power of social media influencers but in a country like India the integration of bloggers with mainstream media is not as organised as it is abroad.I think like any other business bloggers cannot negate the need to learn the art of doing business because beyond a point the blog will suffer due to lack of understanding of the finer aspects of building a brand.

India Fashion Interface 2016, is a platform which has been created to address these specific issues for the bloggers community. It will bring the fashion fraternity -designers, brands, educational institutes and bloggers face-to-face on one platform to discuss issues and exchange information for all of them to strengthen this community and work together in tandem.

Alongside India’s First every lifestyle blogger’s convocation there will be a lifestyle exhibition “Pop Bazaar” where exhibitors from various parts of the country will participate. 

So if you as a blogger want to be part of the convocation or as a designer/brand and want to be part of Pop Bazaar,the exhibition you can contact us at 

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