Another weekend find- Teasta Cafe in Noida

An insatiable passion for Tea. Yes
that’s how I term my love for Tea. I very much love the regular tea I have
every morning but then the thought that “someone out there is doing
something better”, sets me going to look for places offering something different.The quest took me to Teasta, a tea shop owned and managed by Capt (retd) Mehra and his wife who started it back in 1995. It is only after eight years, that they shifted their shop from the garage of their home in Noida to Shop no.16 in Godavari complex, Sector 37 Noida.

Teasta is a small shop, which you might miss if you don’t look for it carefully. A tip- once you are in the market, the one place you see a cheerfully casual crowd hooked to their cup of tea or waiting outside a shop to order-STOP, that is Teasta!

The Tea Wall (as I like to call it)
The setting is far from fancy.The shop though has a tea wall where you will find colorful miniatures of tea kettles and cups. I think that’s enough of decore for a place that speaks of quality more than anything else. You will see a regular stream of people coming to the shop, it always busy here. From school to college going students to people going back home from work. The place doesn’t really have seating arrangement barring a small bench inside.It does get crammed but that doesn’t deter it’s ever growing customers from coming back
Kashmiri Kahwa & Lichi Iced Tea
The menu is divided into three sections that offers prepared tea-hot, prepared tea & coffee-cold, sandwiches, momos,corns,brownies and cookies.The place sells loose leaf-tea of various sorts, in case you want to buy some
Loose leaf tea on sale

We ordered Kashmiri Kahwa and Litchi iced tea.I usually don’t order for iced tea as I find it to be too artificial in taste.But I don’t know why I ordered for one at Teasta,something in me perhaps told me this is the place where you will finally approve of ice tea and guess what? My instinct was bang on!

Lichi Iced Tea
Next came the chicken
salami tandoori sandwich.It was a treat my all means,fresh and light,every
bite was a marvel without unnecessary greasiness.If you arrive here hungry
trust me you can count on this one
Chicken Salami Tandoori Sandwich
Tuck into fresh sandwiches and get your
favourite tea anytime of the day here. Once had it will only make you come back for more.The bill we paid was
Rs.140 ONLY!
Earlier the place used to get closed in the afternoon but now it
remains open all through the day from 10.30 am to 9.30 pm.On a snug food budget Teasta  with it’s unmatched quality no wonder is such an enduringly popular spot!
Where– Shop No 16, Godavari complex, sector-37,Noida
Recommended for – quick bites with friends or solo (who cares)
Must Try– Kahwa , Mojito , Lichi Iced Tea , brownies with ice cream and Chicken Salami Tandoori sandwich

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