Summer Jewellery Trend-The Choker is back!

Choker for me is so 70s, which only reminds me Zeenat Aman.The beguiling actress wore the choker trend like no other.She wore all sorts of them making them look oh-so-cool!
Fast forward it’s the 90s, suddenly the long forgotten choker shows up again and it seems the baton was passed over Raveena Tandon. Here’s some history lesson for you

So now you wake up to summer 2016 and find the good old choker is back again!! It seems it takes 15 years or so for this trend to spring back into existence to claims its proper and rightful place on your accessory” must-have” list.

The choker trend is yet to catch up in this part of the world , but I’m sure the way Taylor Swift is going crazy with trend it won’t take too long before it becomes the next in-thing here too.The good news is a of lot of stores are already stacked up with some pretty trippy chokers to take care of your “fashion pangs”( no..there is no such term I just came up with it), as and when it arises.
There are different types available from simple fabric to metal to stone embellished in sleek to bold structured designs. Pick one (or as many you like) according to the occasion and style it in various ways.You can play with the placement(hi/low on the neck) and can layer it with other neckpieces you have.
I think it is a boon for people who like to keep it minimal with accessories..I happen to be one of them 🙂  So now let’s dig in deeper for some style inspiration for the latest choker trend
A statement piece to lift up your casual look


A sleek golden choker worn a little higher than usual can add a lot of glamour
 Fabric choker can be worn in varying thickness but go for this look only if you feel confident enough to carry it with the attitude it calls for. It should not look like a cervical neck support,right?
Style by layering  it up for the grunge look
Bold ones for evening parties
Embellished ones for special occasions, which we have no dearth of in the Indian culture:)

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