Officewear – Style It Right To Get It Right

Workwear outfit or office wear is a big challenge for a lot of us and to top it if one only wears western, God save you Amen!
The kind of challenges I have personally faced for following my style of dressing and not conforming to the “should be this way only” norm has been utterly funny and sometimes deeply concerning. Well…that story some other day or some other post…:)Coming back to workwear I don’t really like naming anything that’s not Indian as “western”. I mean clothes are clothes they don’t really have to be in sections of ours and theirs.You know what I mean…Nevertheless, I carry on the way I want and I believe if you just search well enough and be patient with styling yourself  appropriately for work you can have plenty of options out there that’s-A-Not an Indian Wear, B-Is Formal & C– Is Neat

Styling tip to jazz-up the look without make up
Going the fusion way is an excellent way to break the monotony of a monochromatic dress. Here I have paired my grey dress with sliver earrings and kholapuris. I am not much of a make up person so if you are like me balance it out with the right kind accessories. This should do the work to pop up the look without make up and will keep it toned down too at the same-time for work.

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  • Love your work-wear style. Something that I would wear to work on a weekday.The dress is very practical, not very short on the length and perfect for hot days at the office. Comfortable and chic. Loved it!

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