Dressing Up For The Wedding Season

The wedding season is upon us and I am sure you would have atleast one or two to attend. Thus, comes the eternal question “what should I wear”? Now some of us like to take the beaten path of going all traditional, where the options are plenty. But for someone like me ,who is not into Indian wear the preparation time can get a little prolonged. Why? Because one we don’t like wearing heavy stuffy clothes and second would want something that can be worn,well more than once. YES I like it that way! I do not like buying stuff that I can use only once or twice considering the fact that repetition is “oh-so-not allowed”. But me being me, would still go ahead style it differently with major/minor additions and will happily for eternity bask in the glory of recycling:))Keeping that in mind, I bought this pink golden maxi dress for a cousin’s wedding. It was a pain to look for options other than the conventional anarkalis suits, lehengas, crop tops & long skirts and designer sarees. Plus, there was nothing available online for me to even get an idea of what could be the alternatives. Pintrest, Insta everything failed me:((

I had something light weight ready to wear in mind , that I could wear to an evening event later sometime. I found this long silk dress which was bright enough for the occasion in pink & gold and being plain gave me plenty of opportunity to play around with accessories to add the necessary sparkle and shine. I think such pieces are a good investment as you can keep them for long and as I said earlier can keep adding things to give yourself a new look everytime you wear them.

This was the “test shot”…we bloggers have to do a lot of prep but guess its all worth it at the end:)

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