Shades Of Grey For Winters

Looking at these pictures I want to rant about Delhi smog and how I get petrified every time I step out. Never seen anything like this before. They say it’s worse than what London witnesses in 1952.Well, the winters are setting in and my favourite greys are all slowly coming out of long hibernation:)For me its grey or no winters. Seriously can’t think of any other colour in winters and mind you it is not dull or boring by any standards.Rather the colour has so many shades (atleast¬†50 shades we all know of :)) that it can spruce up your look in an instant apt for any occassion. OK enough of my grey-mance (grey+romance just coined that word)

Shrugs are great for this time of the season as it is kind of cold but then its not cold. They are easy to pair with skirts , jeans, jeggings just about anything.

Here I have my grey shrug on with black jeggings ,white kangroo print knot top and skater shoes from Topshop. Accessorized with a black fringe sling bag and a dash of my regular day jewelry here and there from Forever 21



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