Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017 -Golden Threads Of Assam by Samant Chauhan

Designer Samant Chauhan turned the national rail museum in to a runway on day 2 of Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017 in Delhi. An unusual location, but it did work  wonders for the designer. It was clear that the guests were impressed with the choice of the location.What added to the fun was everyone being served with Chai in Kulhads ( a terracotta cup), just before the show!The models strode up the runway in beautifully designed “muga silk” gowns, dresses and capes for women and jackets and suits for men in neutral colours. The inspiration for the embroidery on the pieces came from the paddy fields and wheat stalks one usually witnesses on a train journey in India. The make-up was muted and neutral. What I liked about the collection was that it had menswear in ample, unlike other collections where somehow the designers (even men) completely forget that men too have a passion for fashion!

The Venue

The Collection



 He was an instant hit at the show
Samant Chauhan
Always in action-Sunil Sethi
There was no dearth of fashion off the runway:)

I was conquering the world ( atleast I thought so) with one earring, one shoe and one rainbow slip-on at a time! Why? Because I literally had only 10 mins to get ready!!

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