Best Denim Trends For Winters

Start of winters calls for a change or upgrade in our closets especially with denims and more so with the very versatile jeans. I don’t think there has ever been these many variations of jeans as many as  we see today. The high-wasted straight jeans, boy-friend and mom jeans are slowly taking over store shelves, and  the one trend that is getting even more stronger is the distressed ones. It is refusing to go anywhere. There are so many different ways to style the distressed jeans today, the variations available are simply plentiful. From pearl embellished jeans to uneven hem, frayed , fringed and pom poms name it and you  have it. Talking about pom poms when the entire fashion world lies under their  sway,  why should denim be an exception!

The best part about these latest trends is that one can simply DIY old jeans and get a pair of brand new ones ;). However that is only if one  has the patience to put in that kind of time and effort otherwise just spend the greens or magentas or greys or whatever colour you like :)) Here are a few favourite picks

Mid-Rise Pearl Jeans from Zara Rs 2790. 

DIY-On a straight fit jeans you just need to throw in ( not literally you need to sew-in) faux pearls of different sizes and you are done
fashion jeans style denim my fashion bay

women jeans style india zara fashion denimFrayed Jeans from Mango for Rs-2490

DIY- Cut the hem of your old jeans unevenly. Next with tweezers pull a few treads out  both vertically and horizontally. Give the jeans a spin in the washing  machine and you will have your on- trend jeans ready

women jeans style india zara fashion denim

women jeans style india zara fashion denimSkinny Uneven Hem Jeans from Mango for Rs-3990

DIY- Just cut the front hem of your old jeans above you ankle and pull a few threads out.That is all it takes to get this look.

Pom Pom Jeans from Koovs for Rs-849 (on discount)

DIY-Buy a pom pom lace of your choice and head to the tailor to get it stitched along the outer side seam of the jeans.

women jeans style india denimStraight Alice Jeans from Mango for Rs-3990

DIY- Cut the hem of your old jeans, mark the length of the fringes you want. Cut vertically and pull out a few threads from the fringes. It you want a layered look do the same with a separate piece of denim and get it stitched under the hem for another layer of fringes.

fashion jeans denim style frayed

Image courtesy : Zara, Mango &

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