Best Places To Eat In Jaipur

When in Jaipur, do what? Chill.Shop.Eat.Repeat

This one addresses the third most essential thing to do-EAT. Now Jaipur is one of the busiest tourist destinations, so finding good places to eat ideally should not be a challenge ,right? Well, not really. Let me explain-there are quite a few places that are famous and have been around for ages, where you can go and enjoy good food but if you really want have food with local flavours, it can get a bit difficult. For example if you want to have north Indian food , there are places like  Niro’s or Handi on M.I.Road, but then these places it seems are meant to cater more to the foreign taste buds than the Indian, with an expensive menu of-course. But doesn’t mean they are not good places.

When travelling, I look for more authentic and pocket friendly places, so I visited a couple of well-known ones and found a few on my own. Below is the list and reviews. If you are planning a visit to Jaipur, the information may come in handy.

Lassiwala ,M.I Road

Search the internet for places to eat in Jaipur, this one tops the spot  almost everywhere. It does for a reason. Their’s is the best Lassi I have had so far. Fresh, thick and creamy. The place itself is simple-it offers good old sweet Lassi made of curd, from cow’s milk. There are no pan, chocolate, rose, black, blue, purple looking Lassis to confuse you. The price Rs-30 -40  depending on the size of your mud clay glass or Kuldas as we call them in Hindi. It is a small shop ,with no seating and reads Lassiwala ,since 1944 Kishan Lal Govind Naraian Agarwal. This information is important as there are many fake ones  out there. Make sure you are there early as the place opens at 7 am and closes as the stock gets over , which is generally by 4 pm.


Jaipur-Travel-Blog-myfashionbay-places-eatEk se mera kya hoga:)

Lakshmi Misthan Bhandar, Johari Bazaar

This restaurant too you will find on every list of must -go places in Jaipur . So I visited the place not once but thrice. However, I found this place to be overrated. The good thing about the place is it’s location. When in Jaipur , you are sure to go to Johari Bazzar for shopping and LMB is an easily accessible place to go to ,once you are done with the shopping or are feeling tired.

The place has two parts to it when it comes to eating inside. Stand and eat ( they charge a little less) and the other is sit and eat (they charge a little more). They have decent menu of street and main course food and a long list of sweet delicacies you can pick from. The place is invariably crowded and the staff handling the outer section (stand & eat one) rude (consistency guaranteed).

Coming to the sit and eat section, the place is spacious and the staff here is a bit well behaved (may be because you are paying more it?). Having gone thrice, I can safely say tea is something they do good. I had order a Pyaz Kachori, Aalu Tikki (which they call Potato chop) both disappointing ,and Puri & Aalu Mattar. The Pyaz kachori at Rs 50/- was way too oily that left a bad after taste ( fell sick that evening because of it) and the Aalu Tikki ,Rs 70/- was the blandest I have ever had.



This one tasted bland to someone like me too,who doesn’t like her food spicy. Aalu puri was decent but nothing like you can’t have anywhere else, Rs 280.


For the food it offers LMB is way over -priced, again may be their major chunk of business comes from the foreign travellers, hence the “fikka” khaana. Tea was good though, served in a silver teapot:)

Shankar Namkeen Bhandar

I stumbled upon this place this time around and I am proud of the finding. You must have heard stories from parents or grandparents on making namkeens at home ( fried salted /sweet snacks) and how nothing in the market today tastes like the ones they made. Shankar Namkeen Bhandar is your answer.


It has a lot of different types of Namkeen & Mastkeen 🙂 too. What more, you can even make your own Namkeen by mixing different types!  How cool is that? People pay crazy amount of money for getting their perfumes ,lipsticks , bags etc accustomed, here you can get your namkeen done to your liking for no extra cost! It’s fun.

Jaipur-Travel-Blog-myfashionbay-places-eatThe taste -fresh,crisp & light. Everything here looks organic ( I mean pure, unadulterated). A Must-go.

Tea-Post, Vaishali Nagar

A small tea-joint, on the lines of Chayoos or Chai-ponit. Serves delicious tea. Had Pudhina (mint) -Ginger, Rs 30/- it was divine, with Bhakri Rs, 20/- and Aalu Puff for Rs 15/- . The place is small but apt for getting a quick bite with a free wi-fi too.


Thali and More, C-scheme

It is a pure vegetarian restaurant, that offers North Indian, South Indian ,Chinese cuisines and much more. The place is a cosy one, with quick service and an extremely helpful staff . I found this place 2 years ago, and went again last year, nothing has changed. It is still as good as it used to be.


Their Rajasthani thali has good mix of dal, baati, churma, rice, vegetables and chutney, though my favorite is the Tawa Sabzi , that serves different veggies (fried) on a platter. Jaipur-Travel-Blog-myfashionbay-places-eat


Honestly, this on it’s own is enough , but then you add on to the taste by having it with a simple tawa roti and dal. Tastes almost like home -cooked food.


The menu has a lot on it- shakes , quick bites, burgers , sandwiches ,sizzlers, street food and many more things to choose from. A meal for two will cost around Rs.400. That’s what you need when you are travelling, you cannot do experiential or street -side food all the time. One also needs places that serve food one can relate to, with refined flavours and precise cooking and that are reasonably priced too.

Jal Mahal Ice Cream Parlour, M.I Road

Best time to visit, after dinner. This home-grown brand serves ice-creams in more than 30 flavours, with sundaes , ice-cream sodas, ice-cream cakes & pizzas too. They are pretty creative in their offerings- a charcoal soft serve for instance is a black ice cream! I guess that’s why they have been able to withstand the competition and are still the best when it comes to ice creams in Jaipur

Jal-Mahal-Ice-Cream-Jaipur-Blog -Myfashionbay-travel-places-eat

Jal-Mahal-Ice-Cream-Jaipur-Blog -Myfashionbay-eat-places


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