Types of People and Things That Happen On Holi

People cannot decide to love it or hate it. I for sure, love it. Whatever be it , bura na mano holi hai. I like Holi because it is  pure fun, no one judges you for the way you look ,how you dance, how much you eat or drink. The food , music and the fact that everyone has a game plan gets you into the festive spirit ,let’s take a look.

Types of people on Holi

Over Enthusiastic

They start asking a month in advance-Plan kya hain, Holi Ka?? Bata ,Bata , Bata Na!

The Freak – Outs

You can never get these to play Holi. The mention of Holi starts with Chiiii….

Sleeping Beauties

They get very busy on Holi-doing what? Sleeping the whole day. The glow on their faces and the spark in their eyes is hard to miss a the day after Holi. Like another battle won!

The Celebrations

Pleasing every relative who comes home uninvited, Aaye na , Khaye na ,Holi Hai! Wondering when will this end?

When you receive that same old animated (pichkari and balloon bursting) Holi message again this year

When your college, colony or office crush plays Holi with you

There will be this annoying person who every year goes like- “Bro let’s go to my friend’s farmhouse party” and  you be like

When an unknown neighbour tries to be over friendly on Holi

That pesky relative who  leaves no opportunity to put you down , Holi is your day of revenge

Post Bhang -You are the QUEEN of the world! 

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