Valentine’s Day Ideas Based On Four Relationship Stages

Valentine’s Day is almost there and you are wondering what to do to make it special one. You are done with chocolates, flowers , teddies in love, right? So now what? Whether your’s is a new relationship or a decade long or even more than that, making  this day count does take some effort.

We bring you some Valentine’s  Day ideas, based on different stages of a relationship and for the singles too 🙂 They too can make the day count.

Stage 1-We completely trust each other (meaning, I know all your moves in advance) 

You have been around with each other long enough to know the direction of the relationship and can now easily tell each other’s likes and dislikes. So you know she likes jewellery, and you want to gift her something different to keep it fun and upbeat .

Valentine’s Day Idea- CaratLane’s  Valentine’s Day Collection, ‘The New Expressions of Love’ could be your answer. Pixelated hearts, a ‘let’s go places’ pendant , and a range of rings that feature romantic texts at the back , leather strapped Hinglish bracelets which use a combination of English and Hindi scripts to form a word are a few designs from the collection.

Prices start at Rs. 4500/-

Now that he is done ,let’s see what can she do to make the day memorable. You know he is into food , so a good restaurant will make the day special and he will sure love the idea.

Valentine’s Day Idea – Make an award-winning Italian restaurant the setting of your romantic evening with a exceptional a 5 course meal.

Celebrate romance, at this Italian restaurant called Artusi Ristorante in Gurgaon, with a specially curated Valentine’s Day menu which  is a delightful combination of choicest Italian entrees, mains and desserts,along with a special red sparkling wine.

You can start with delicate phyllo pastry cigars with pureed vegetables, followed by Pasta with Burrata in a luscious tomato sauce, then as the evening unfolds you’ll enjoy an exciting homemade sorbet of lemon, rosemary and fresh coconut. The Italian finesse is showcased in the mains on offer: either a sea bass in a fish broth with vegetables, or a gently cooked chicken breast set in a delicate cream and mushroom sauce, or the perennial classic – finest Italian Carnaroli Risotto with Frico Romangnolo vegetables.

To round off this gastronomic delight, you have a choice of desserts befitting the occasion – strawberries marinated in red wine with mascarpone cheese, or their signature Panna Cotta Artusi.

Price –The Valentine’s Day Special menu is priced at Rs 1990++ per head for lunch and dinner. The sparkling sweet red wine is on special promotion at Rs 1990++ for the bottle.

Stage 2-We are establishing a forever connect (read adjust) 

You are making changes for each other to make the relationship more meaningful and happy. When you think you now know everything about each there, pop comes a surprise,(good and bad both) and you feel you are with a stranger. But you still perfectly get along  and enjoy each other’s company

Valentine’s Day Idea- Buy each other matching couple valentine’s day tee. What better if it is Pizza+you +me . Sounds cheezy ( haha ), so be it. Who cares? It’s valentine’s day people.

Price: Rs. 1499 .combo collection from Bonorganik

Talking about couples wearing matching outfits, one has to mention Nancy and Donald Featherstone. The couple wore identical outfits for 35 years , which resulted them owning 600 matching outfits. Talk about complimenting each other in love. These guys set some really hard to attain relationship goals!

Stage 3- I (only) love you ( read fascination and infatuation)

You are at a stage where you are reeling with romance and passion. Basically, your’s is a new relationship full of playful energy, lot of eagerness and happiness. You want to spend most of your time with each other and find yourself taking those unplanned weekend trips to beaches or the mountains.

Valentine’s Day Idea- Plan a trip , but make it special by gifting her a designer flip-flop by DesiMotifs.

If she likes travelling with you and loves seeing and experiencing new places together, she is going to love it. These are no ordinary flip-flops. These designer footwear bring an old Indian tribal art  into the contemporary world with elan. Desi Motifs are made in high quality Footwear manufacturing units in Deharadun.The inspiration largely comes from ancient indian cave arts paintings depicting life in the form of festivals, dances and various emotions  representing a sense of togetherness

I came across Desimotifs on and loved their concept and designs. Anyone with a taste for things chic and elegant would love these flip-flops that are available in a number of bright and beautiful shades.

Price-Rs 799/- If they are running a discount , then consider yourself lucky!

Stage 4: (why am I ) Single Stage

Coming down to a stage in relationships that is the most important one. Relationship with yourself. But mind you, not in a selfish way but in a self -loving way , that who knows may even inspire others!!

Valentine’s Day Idea– Agree that being single on Valentine’s day can be quite irritating ( not due to a lack of a better word but it is so). Watching those cuddly couples in love, people wearing red, gifts and red roses all around, all of this put together has the potential to drive you nuts.

So why not wear a tshirt that reads -Everyone is nuts. Imagine the bliss!

Price-Rs.649 from


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

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