Welcome to My Fashion Bay!

Hi! I am glad you are here and would like to start by thanking you for it

I am Rachna Singh and I started my blog in 2012. I did so purely out of my love  for styling and fashion. This was when I was stuck in a 9 to 6 job..no actually there were rotational shifts! Soon I had to choose between passion and work. I went with my Passion:)

The blog has organically grown since its inception. From recording my personal take on everyday styling, today it is about trend-spotting, reviews on designer collections, events coverage, fashion weeks,social media promotions, product reviews and brand management. All of this with one vision in mind -my readers should be able to make an informed choice for themselves

Alongside, I write for newspapers as a freelance journalist and for fashion websites as a fashion columnist. I do training workshops (on softskills, dressing up right, personal branding, employee style guide and more)

As they say- Fashion is what you buy and Style is what you
do with it,I provide professional styling services to corporate and private clients
such as wardrobe management, personal & wedding styling and Image

Personal or Professional styling and fashion is
not about the world outside, I believe it is a reflection of ourselves and an extension
of who we really are. Thus “getting it right” is always a journey
taken inward!


Brands Collaborated & Associated with

  • Loreal
  • W-Women Wear
  • Wella
  • BIBA
  • Adidas
  • ITC’s John Players
  • Jabong
  • RISA
  • Neel Sutra
  • AshimaLeena
  • Pallavi Mohan
  • Urvashi Kaur
  • AstuShekhose
  • DeepikaGovind
  • Arjun Saluja
  • MTV Roadies
  • DivyaChugh